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Utmost versatility

With complete transport, we reserve a whole vehicle for your goods. The collection takes place at your premises and the following delivery will be monitored with security tools such as satellite control. The ideal solution for important volumes, or for transport A.D.R., or dangerous goods as a chemical material, carried out by qualified personnel using approved vehicles.

If, on the other hand, your need is to have limited quantities of goods delivered, groupage is the solution for you. We send the vehicle to pick up at your address, we manage the entire handling phase until delivery. For you, the guarantee of control at every stage of transport and arrival of goods, with rapidity and convenience thanks to our knowledge of traffic and handling.

Menegon Trasporti

Naturally, both in the case of full load transport and of groupage, we cover the major domestic and international routes, ensuring delivery in all European countries with a guarantee of reliability, speed and safety.

Quality and exclusive service

Dedicated transport is essential for transporting goods and products of all types of production and trade. A single type of goods is taken over, the service is constantly monitored throughout the transport, which takes place without any intermediate stop, with limited delivery times both nationally and internationally.

Your goods are important to us: therefore, we work every day to collect as quickly as possible, to optimize deliveries depending on the destination, choosing the most appropriate and reliable vehicles for the service and the route identified. This knowledge of efficient and modern management guarantees you a valuable logistic process, in all phases.

Menegon Trasporti

The collecting timing are therefore optimized, our team is composed of trained professionals who study the best solution to allow, in a short time, a quality service for each type of goods. The dedicated transport is a precious added value for your company and for your goods, an experienced partner like Menegon Trasporti simplifies your logistic management.

Speed matters

Do you need to have your goods delivered the day after the pick-up? The express service of Menegon Trasporti serves for this reason: the collection and delivery, even internationally, is guaranteed within the agreed time frame, usually within 24 hours. Thanks to the integrated management of information, we are also able to customize this express service and adapt it to your specific needs.

We can also provide vans, trucks and semis with two drivers for express delivery, which therefore becomes the best solution if you need to deliver the goods at a precise time, or within a certain timespan. Delivery is monitored in real time to ensure immediate feedback and a quality of the procedure above average.

Menegon Trasporti

We know that every type of transport and handling of goods has different features and delivery times that may vary; with the Express service, Menegon Trasporti helps you to bring to your destination those types of goods that must arrive quickly, safely thanks to constant supervision, thus providing you with an exclusive and fast service.

Simplify you business

Do you want to import or export goods and in need to find reliable, safe and fast transport by sea? We have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to put into practice all the operations and procedures necessary to collect the goods in the country of origin and prepare the appropriate documentation for the release of the papers for custom clearance.

With a consolidated network of connections with the main Italian and international ports, Menegon Trasporti plans and builds the path of your cargo without losing sight of specific requests, which could be, for example, refrigeration, indoor loading and other services. Everything is managed efficiently and with the focus of handling every order tailored to your expectations.

Menegon Trasporti

We can ship entire or partial container vessels (LCL, less than container load) worldwide. We take care of every operation connected to the import of containers, with a dense network of collaborators located in the main ports. If you request, we can also carry out the customs clearance, emptying of the container and delivery to the recipient on the national territory.

Structuring your logistics

The warehouse serves to carry out, with a higher degree of control, the logistics operations, whether they are connected to the receipt of the goods, to their conservation and to have them available at any time for the division, sorting, collection and delivery. Menegon Trasporti takes care of the warehousing and storage of goods and thus activates important synergies that are positively reflected on deliveries and on your organization.

The deposit is the fundamental moment of your business, in fact it follows the entry into the warehouse of the goods. Loaded on pellets, the goods are moved and placed in dedicated parts of the warehouse, connected to an information system that follows their positioning and makes them available to the system. The pallets with the goods are placed in specific areas destined only for storage, to be later tracked down quickly and then shipped.

Menegon Trasporti

Menegon Trasporti offers a storage and warehousing service functional to the volume and quantity of goods you want to move. The precise operation through IT and planning allows more security for your business, which will benefit from the external management of logistics to get a better picture of the goods and an important integration of the collection / delivery system.

Available vehicles

Sizes: m 4,20×2,15×2,30 height
Loading capability: 20 mq / 8 euro pallet (max load 12 q)

Sizes: m 4,85×2,15×2,30 height
Loading capability: 23 mq / 11 euro pallet (max load 12 q)

Sizes: m 8,00
Loading capability: 20 euro pallet (max load 80 q)

Sizes: m 8,60
Loading capability: 21 euro pallet (max load 80 q)

Sizes: m 9,60
Loading Capability: 24 euro pallet (max load 140 q)

Sizes: m 13,60×2,48×2,75 height
Loading capability: 80 mq / 34 euro pallet (max load 300 q domestic and 250 q international)

Sizes: m 13,60×2,48×3,00 height
Loading capability: 100 mq / 34 euro pallet (max load 300 q nazionale – 250 q internazionali)

Sizes: m 15,60 (6,30 truck + 9,30 trailer)
Loading capability: 120 m3 – 38 euro pallet (max load 230q)

Sizes: m 15,60 (7,75 truck + 7,75 trailer)
Loading capability: 120 m3 – 38 euro pallet (max load 230q)

Looking for personalized service?

If you need a personalized service, thanks to our experience in the transport sector we are sure to find the right solution to satisfy it in a fast, complete and convenient way.

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